Welcome to my world

My concept for visualization the destiny, Buddhist philosophy and science, oblique spiritual world and aura of the human being in the process, the sixth sense and all those matters that do exist in a human mind seen inspiring effects. Chakra, 7energy centers, My artistic research has been a multidisciplinary fusion of philosophy, subconscious mind, the fourth universe, and alien world. In particular, about Emptiness this is one section in Buddhist philosophy. Not everything we see is there before. After all of the anything will become the emptiness. All those matters that do exist in a human mind but cannot be seen or explicitly put into words but can be visualized through the art. Based on my own this research I new media, new through a new technique, a new technical opportunity combined with philosophy and science installation with video art mix to work also contemporary abstract painting and mixed media work. Also, my aim and art process about to enlightenment, emptiness to earth to the world, to spiritual freedom, conceptual ideas, fantastic ideas, surrealist imagine, express emotion, Then I am converting them into a sign and symbol, then shift icons, convert encode, translate into a sigh, metaphor, and mix.